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November 2021 Newsletter

The Ring of Tatters Autumn newsletter is being dispatched in the week commencing 22nd November. If you're a member, watch out for it hitting your doormat soon!

July 2021 New Ring of Tatters Website

As you have no doubt noticed, this website has a new look! The look of the website was made more modern and the structure was altered, to make it easier to find things.

There are more changes to come: not all the content has been moved to the new site, and there will be more features and content.

Yet to be moved over:

  • Reports from local tatting groups
  • Reports from Exhibitions
  • Archive of Ring of Tatters Competitions

Comments, suggestions and contributions are very welcome! Please contact the website editor (Sharon Curtis) at webeditor@ringoftatters.org.uk.

Tatting News

September 2021 The Queen's Birthday Honours
Australian flag

Judith Connors was nominated for a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her contributions to the Creative Arts, particularly as a tatter and lace maker. Judith was a founder of the Queensland Tatters and became a member of the Ring of Tatters, contributing several articles to the newsletter. Judith Connors received her award in Brisbane on 14th September 2021 (see photo below).

Judith Connors with her medal
- courtesy of Ruth Willmott

December 2020 Loss of Gary Houtz

Gary Houtz, one of the shuttle brothers, passed away peacefully in December 2020, due to COVID-19. He will be greatly missed, not just by Randy and his family, but throughout the tatting world. He had been tatting since 1974 and together with his brother, did a lot to popularise the SCMR (Self-Closing Mock Ring) technique.