NEC Birmingham, March 2009

Sewing For Pleasure Exhibition


Some of our Thursday volunteers, Linda, Jenny, Elizabeth and Elaine ready for action.
The stand is soon busy with a constant stream of visitors. Many take up the opportunity for a quick impromptu lesson in tatting. Learning from a tatter in person can make all the difference.
"Take Heart" is a group project tatted by Malvern Tatters: Sue, Sally, Hilda, Jill, Dorothy, Ruth, Catherine and Betty.

We wanted to make something for shows that would have impact, but would not be too taxing for a group with varied levels of experience. And so we decided on a big heart covered with little hearts. I cut out a heart shape from a cardboard box, and covered it with wadding and cotton fabric. The motifs were then stuck on with glue.

Perhaps other groups will come up with similar projects? Let us know if you do. Sally.


Web Editor Sally caught while trying to take a photo of Jane Eborall.

RoT librarian Barbara, and Sarah whose article on wire tatting is in the current newsletter.
Here is Jane looking silly,
and then a back view, much better!
No, really, we only wanted to show
the tatted menagerie she is wearing
It was a pleasure to be visiting the Show on the day that Jane was demonstrating and to have the opportunity to see for real many of her pieces that before I have only seen on her website.

Click on thumbnails to see more.

Sarah's picture "Garden Reflections" shows tatting combined with other needlecrafts. It is based on one of her own water-colour paintings which she scanned and printed on to silk. She then added embroidery, quilting and applique details. The flowers are tatted, with some knitting too. The final version also has a 3D tatted dragonfly in the foreground.
Well-known author Rosemarie Peel was the Ring of Tatters organiser for the 4-day Show. This year sees publication of her new book "Tatting Basic Patterns", which includes for free her classic "Learn Tatting" instructions. See Rosemarie's website
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