Spring Flowers

What could be more spring-like than this exquisite collection of flowers designed and tatted by Barbara Netherwood! It was the winner of the Ring of Tatters Rosebowl in the Lace Guild competition, 2002. The subject was "This Sceptred Isle".

The flowers are primrose, grape hyacinth, daffodil, bluebell, snowdrop and crocus.

Easter Eggs

At this time of the year our thoughts turn to decorating eggs with tatting. It is easy and fun to do. You can either buy artificial eggs or use real ones which make you feel like you are following ancient tradition. First you need to prepare them, which is not as much bother as it seems - see below. Then either leave them the natural egg colour or paint them.
Next the fun bit, decorating! First cover the holes at top and bottom with a small flower, for example (R5+5, CH10)x5. Embed a hanging loop, stuck down with glue, into the flower for the top, then stick the flower on to the egg.
Tatted by Sally Magill
Stick more bits of tatting all over the egg – no need for any special patterns. Ideas include:
  • More flowers
  • Edgings
  • Butterflies
  • Initials
Tatted by Sue Amphlett

Preparing Eggs

  1. Wash egg in warm water with detergent. Gently scrub to remove date stamp if there is one.
  2. Using a big sewing needle, carefully pierce both ends of the egg. Chip away carefully to enlarge at least one of the holes to about ΒΌ" diameter. It helps if you can stick the threading end of the needle into a cork for support.
  3. Poke needle right into egg and stir to break up the contents.
  4. Put your mouth to one end of the egg and blow contents into a bowl. If you do 2 or 3 you can use them for an omelette or a cake!
  5. Take a small bowl of soapy water, push egg under the water and hold until it takes in some water. Whoosh it around and leave to soak. Then blow water out.
  6. If painting egg first, support it on a cocktail stick or similar – then it is easier to paint all over.

To display the eggs in the traditional way, fill a vase with branches just coming into leaf and hang the eggs from them. Or make a mobile.

When it comes to storing these fragile eggs, no problem - use the original egg-boxes.

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