Pattern by Sally Magill

Double/Triple Picot Snowflake © 2003

No 20 Coats Cotton measures 2.5 ", 2 shuttles, continuous thread.

Triple Picot: At the point where you want to start your Triple Picot you make a long picot - here I used a ruler, width 3cm as a gauge. Next make a small picot, then pinching the long picot join the tip of it into your work just like joining a picot from another ring or chain. 1ds between picots. The result is a long picot arching over a small picot to produce a triple picot.

Double Picot: The Double Picot is made in the same way as the Triple Picot (again using ruler as gauge) but instead of leap-frogging the long picot over a small picot, you join the long picot back into the same ring or chain after 1 or more ds - or as in this pattern, you join the long picot into another chain, in the way that a joining picot is normally used only here it is long for a decorative effect.

R:   3-3-3-3   RW

Ch:   4, long picot, 6, R(sh2: 6, triple picot, 6), 6, long picot, 4   RW

*R:   3+3-3-3   RW

Ch:   4+ to long picot, 6, R(sh2: 6, triple picot, 6), long picot, 4,   RW

Rep from * and use foldover join for last long picot. Tie ends through first ring and cut or finish off as you wish.

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