What's New on our Website

20th January 2014:
  • Moved the Pattern Club subscriptions to the Membership page and added a note that the subscription is only available to Ring of Tatters members.
19th December 2013: 4th November 2013: 27th April 2013: 20th February 2013:
  • New page about the Lace 21 exhibition being held Mar-Oct 2014
  • Updated online store page to show Tatting for 2005 is sold out
  • Updated online store pages to remind members to select correct world zone for posting
5th November 2012: 25th May 2012: 29th January 2012: 18th August 2011: 24th May 2011: 4th March 2011: 15th December 2010: 26th October 2010: 31st August 2010:
  • Photos added to What is Tatting.
  • Makeover of website, with new character fonts, smaller shuttles, revised page layouts, and updated external links.


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